Monday, March 28, 2011

Sleep? What's That?

I am running on coffee and fumes! Leland did not sleep well again last night because he could not breathe. He sleeps the best propped up against me, but I move him every so often to keep his fever from rising. We had a lot of bad storms again last night and Dutchess is terrified of storms. She trembles and literally freaks out when she hears thunder and lightning. My night consisted of the TV on, Leland laying on my left side and Dutchess crammed against my right side in the bed. Leland woke up every 30 min to an hour again to change positions, which consisted of 5 to 10 min of getting comfortable where he could breathe. Dutchess heard Jason leave this morning and got out of the bed. I rolled over and thought that I may finally get a little sleep. WRONG! Leland was wide awake not even an hour later. Oh well, it's the job of a Mommy to run on no sleep, right?!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Best Dog Caregiver Ever!

Leland LOVES his Sissy! Dutchess truley has it made, and is one spoiled puppy (she knows this!)

Leland makes sure she is covered up with her blanket every night before he goes to bed. He also picks up her empty food bowl and slams it down in front of the pantry door as he points to me, as in, "Feed the dog NOW"!

He is figuring out how to throw her toys, so they entertain each other all the time!

Leland loves to walk the dog. He holds her leash when he is in the stroller or just walking at the park.

There is nothing cuter and sweeter than the love between a boy and his dog!

Bronchitis You Are NOT Welcome!!

This has been the worst week. I went to the doctor with Bronchitis on Monday and left Leland with Mom through Wednesday in hopes that he wouldn't get sick. He was perfectly fine until Thursday morning and he started coughing. Friday morning he started running a low grade fever and by Friday night his fever was 101-102 and he was coughing really bad. I took him to the doctor Saturday morning, and he too has Bronchitis. I gave him his meds and he was lounging around most of the afternoon. About 3:30 or 4 Igave him a cup of milk and right when he finished it I could tell something was very wrong. His eyes were rolling back in his head, he was trembling all over, lip quivering, and completely limp. I rushed him to the Children's Hospital ER. They told me that he most likely had a seizure from the fever rising so quickly. When we got to the hospital his fever was 104. He was abolutely pitiful, but they were able to get his fever down after about 4 hours. You could tell he was feeling a lot better by the time we left because he was running around in sock feet and a diaper. The spinning doctors chair entertained him for a while. The doctor came in and asked him if he was ready to blow this popsicle joint and Leland said, "OH YEAH"! He and I got home about 9pm, just in time for a tornado warning. The weather people were saying that it was headed straight for our house and would be here in 15 min. I was definitely not in the mood!! I stopped at Newk's on the way home to pick up some of their yummy potato soup, but was not a happy camper that I had to scarf it down before the storm hit. I thought that Leland would like soup as well, but he opted for yogurt! Crazy weather people!! As soon as we finished eating, we had about 5 min before the storm was "suposed to hit". Right as I was unplugging everything and about to get us into the walk in closet, they said, "The tornado warning has been down graded and we will resume regular programing"!!! What the crap!!! How do you go from saying this is the worst storm of the night and multiple spotters have spotted a large tornado headed straight for our house, to, "We'll resume regular programing"?! Leland and I got ready for bed. He slept a little better last night, but between the bad weather and him moving to be able to breathe, we were up every 30 min to an hour. He is still running a low grade fever today, coughing and runny nose, but seems to be playing a little more. I am hoping he is a good bit better tomorrow because I have a lot of orders that have to get done. It has been impossible to work with me being sick and a crying baby clinging to my leg! We have just been lounging on the couch and watching movies. Jason will be done in Atlanta this week, so hopefully by this weekend everything will start to get back to normal!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I have a lot of pictures to update and hope to get them up in the next day or two!

20 months!

I can NOT believe that our baby will be 2 in 4 short months! 2011 has flown by so far... pretty sure it seems this way because we stay so busy!
Leland is now a very active toddler and very independent. I have once again neglected his little toes by shoving them in shoes that are too small. Little bit gave me a big hint that his tennis shoes were too short by sitting down and grabbing his toes instead of walking! I took him to the shoe store and he got 2 new pairs of Spring/Summer shoes. Now that he has happy feet, he is running all over the place. With all of this running comes boo boo's! Leland has a big scrape on his knee, but I am sure it is the first of many.
I have been sick since last Friday. It couldn't have come at a worse time. We hosted a couple's baby shower for our good friends Wilbur and Jennifer Saturday, and I had no voice! We still had a good time and look at this beautiful cake for baby Chloe!
By Monday, I still had no voice and had a terrible cough. I went to the doctor and it was confirmed that I have Bronchitis, which is contatious...GREAT! I left Leland with Mom and Larry until Wednesday because Jason is in Atlanta and I definitely did not want to get Leland sick.

Unfortunately, I do not think leaving him did any good except allowing me to rest. Leland woke up coughing this morning and it has progressively gotten worse, so I am sure tomorrow will be even worse.
As for 20 month milestones, Leland is talking more and more. He says a lot of words that include:
**His version of keys, this, and please all kind of run together unless you are around him and know what he is saying. His Mam is more like, "AM"!
He has learned to shrug his shoulders (I have no idea where he learned it, but it is funny)
He loves:
green peas
the Steam Fresh rice with the veggies mixed in
water w/ a splash of juice
peanut butter
cole slaw
He would stay outside all day and night if we would let him.
When you give him a peanut butter sandwich, he immediately opens it and licks the peanut butter! He LOVES peanut butter on a sandwich or off a spoon.
The other night, he fell asleep right after dinner and woke up. He wante a snack (so did I), so we made some mini berry muffins. I let him pour the water in and help me stir. I gave him a bite of the batter (no eggs) and he was in Heaven! I asked him if they smelled good and he stuck his head right over the bowl and took a big sniff. I died out laughing!
He is obsessed with going and totes my keys all over the house. As soon as I start packing packages to mail, he knows that we are leaving and starts chanting, "Go, Go, Go" a hundred times!
Potty training is non existent. He totally lost all interest, which is fine for now.
He is a very loving, yet very persistent little boy!
He loves to give kisses and hugs and completely makes me smile even on my worst day!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Reading to Sissy!
We got stuck in Target for a while today because the bottom fell out and we didn't want to get soaking wet! We got some free entertainment for Leland. He got out of the buggy and found himself a wheel barrow that he pushed everywhere!

He also found himself a Leland sized grill!

Driving already...

Leland played with my keys for a solid hour yesterday! I kept a very close eye on them, as I know how quickly little bit looses my stuff!
He had the biggest time cranking and driving the zebra!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mommy's Helper!

Since we put Leland's big bed up, he has not been crawling out of it because of the rail on the side. He learned how to crawl out today and tonight when I put him to bed, he kept getting up and coming into the office where I was to "help"!
He stayed up with me for a long while. I was sewing some shorts and pants and he was playing with the measuring tape. I was talking to him and asking him if he could measure this or that and he was "helping" and doing what I asked. He got quiet for a minute and I looked down to this....

He fell over about midnight, so I put him in bed!

On another note, we are working on manners! Leland is learning to say please, Thank you, Mam, etc. His Mam is more like, "AM" (as he growls the word!) and his Thank you is more like, "T U"! Oh well it's a start and at least he gets the concept. He will be rattleing off sentences before we know it!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We were walking yesterday afternoon, and Leland was insistant on holding the dogs leash!
The smile that melts my heart!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Day at the Park!

My cousins came to visit this weekend, so we took all 5 kids to the park!

Anslee sporting the giraffe outfit I made her!

Big Boy Room!

My new machine! A Brother PR-1000 10 needle. I LOVE it so far!
My new office (the machine is where the chair is in the picture). I love the new office as well because it is the brightest room in the house.
Leland's new big boy room!

He loves sleeping and playing in his room, so the change was good for all of us!

Lake in February!

The weather has been unbelievably beautiful for February! We went over to the lake weekend before last and took the pontoon out for the afternoon. We all 4 had a great time!!

All ready to ski!

He LOVED standing on the front of the boat while the wind blew through his hair!
Yes, I am fully aware that he looks just like Jason in this picture.

Best lake buds

Helping Daddy drive on the big water

Sweet boy!
Grandaddy, if your missing some cheese curls when you get over to the lake, I took them. Thanks, Leland

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