Monday, July 26, 2010

1st Birthday Party Part 1!

We had about 25 of our closet friends and family over Saturday night for Leland's 1st Birthday party! We all had so much fun and we are so blessed to have such great family, friends, and most importantly, Leland! We cooked hamburgers and hot dogs, had a yummy cake from Edgar's Bakery, and ice cream sundays! We asked for books, and Leland got a huge stack! He also got a new music table, a musical train, a buldozier, a Mega truck with blocks, new clothes, a DVD player for the car,
and his own remote control car!!

He loves all of his new big boy toys and as you can see in some of the pictures, he has started pulling up within the last week, finally!! Thank you to all of our thoughtful friends and family. We really appriciate all of his presents and that we were able to spend time with you!

(I have so many pictures from 3 different cameras! I am in the process of going through them and posting!)

He LOVES ice cream! More than cake! We should have gotten him an ice cream cake!

Leland's Pap, GiGi, Popaw, Grandpa, and Grandma!

The Invitation!

I took Leland to the Botanical Gardens to get a picture to use on the invitation. It was in the late afternoon, upper 90's, and humid as anything! I took 50 pictures and the 50th one was the best! As soon as I got both of us into the car, the bottom fell out all the way home!

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