Sunday, November 28, 2010

Attempting to get a good Christmas card picture...not a success!

More interested in TV!
The back of Lelands hair after his 2nd hair cut.
Being a Billy goat because he is teething again!
Not having a picture session!
I wish he was smiling at the camera!

Thanksgiving 2010!

We went to GA for Thanksgiving this year. After a good homecooked meal, the weather was perfect for an afternoon outside!
The bottom fell out as soon as we pulled into the neighborhood heading home. We hung out in the car for a bit to let the rain die down. Leland didn't mind not one bit because he got to drive!
Leland started saying, "Gobble Gobble" the Monday before Thanksgiving. I thought the turkey shirt I made him was fitting! He also said it several times during lunch Thanksgiving day as he ate his turkey!

Not wanting to be held because he was so happy to be running around!

Happy as can be roaming the yard

Big Boy!

Leland got his first busted lip last week. I am sure this is the first of many. We were playing in his room and he was in between his crip and toy box. His foot got caught under him and he lost his balance and fell into the toy box. It was BAD! He bled for a bit and with good reason. After an hour or so, his lip swelled and I could see the teeth marks on the outside of his lip. He bit completely trough his lip in the very center of his chin and had very deep cuts on the inside of his lower lip from his teeth. After a lot of Motrin and Orajel through the night and the next day, he was better by Thanksgiving!
I know he will get a lot of bumps and bruises now that he is walking, but no parent likes to see their child hurt!!
He has fallen in love with this visor. If it is anywhere in his site, he brings it to you and wants you to put it on him backwards! He then pulls it so close to his eyes that he can barely see!

Trimming the tree..

Eating ice chips after his first busted lip.
I usually do not even want to think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving/my Birthday. However, this year, Jason convinced me to put the tree up a week before Thanksgiving. The only reason I gave in is because I knew I did not want to put Christmas decorations up on my Birthday, which was this past Saturday!
Handing me ornaments to put on the tree.

Helping push the box into the living room

Helping Daddy put the tree up

Bass Pro Shop

He was SO happy to be on a 4-wheeler!

I shouldn't have tried my luck with Santa! Leland didn't mind him in the Mountains, but he wanted no part of Santa at the Bass Pro Shop!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Walking FINALLY!

3 days before he turns 16 months old, Leland finally decided to start walking! He is still not 100% walking, but he learned yesterday how to get up in the middle of the floor by himself (with nothing to hold on to) and he walked the length of our house several times yesterday. My prediction was right, and he will be running by Thanksgiving!
He also took to his baseball hat yesterday. Everytime he sees it, he brings it to you and wants it on his head! He is quickly turning into a little boy and no longer a "baby"!

Riding the horsey...

The sad thing is.... Dutchess doesn't seem to mind!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Smoky Mountains 2010

WAR EAGLE/GO DAWGS!! We pulled the TV outside at the camper and watched the great AU vs. GA game! Jason was not very happy with the ending, but WAR EAGLE!!We went to a huge indoor Christmas village. We called ahead and found out that Santa was going to be there! Leland did OK with Santa. He din't like him or dislike him. I think next year will be a completely different story!!

He loved the outdoor Santa, however! His legs were hollow, so the thought they were drums.

Leland is now walking very well when you hold his hand. He loves to walk this way, but still has not taken more than 5 or 6 steps in a row by himself. I give him a week at this point and he will be walking all on his own!

Beautiful Cades Cove

We spent the entire day at Cades Cove. We cooked hotdogs on the grill and saw a lot of deer. We did not see any bear in Cades Cove this year, but we did see a Mama and 2 cubs on the side of the road before we got there.

He would have crawled for hours in this soft grass if we would have let him!

Auburn #1!

Worn out!

I wanted to pack these trees to come home with us!

The ceiling inside the Christmas store.

On top of the mountain in Gatlinburg. We rode the sky lift to the top.

All bundled up as we walked the streets of Gatlinburg. He didn't move a muscle once I tucked him in. He stayed this way the entire time until we got back to the car.
We had dinner at our favorite pizza place...Smoky Mountain Brewery. Leland slept most of the way through dinner, but woke up just in time to have a piece of pizza!

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