Sunday, October 26, 2014

Homemade milkshakes after soccer practice!  Bribery at it's best :)
ALL Boy!!

5k 50's Day!

50's Day!

Leland was a cool T Bird for 50's day on the 50th day of school!  They had a day jam packed with fun stuff and he was the cutest little boy there!
Just a swinging!

Halloween 2014

Finally!!  Their costumes arrived!  They are both so excited!  
Trying his best to full fledge crawl instead of scooting!
Two little Hams!
Leland sporting his pink for pink day at school!  
I wake up to this sweet baby face every single morning and wouldn't have it another way!  Landry always wakes up incredibly happy and expresses his vocals very well!  He's definitely got screaming lungs!

Pumpkin pic comparison

Landry's Pumpkin

This sweet 8 month old pumpkin can not get any cuter!  Just like big Brother's, he got his picture made in the pumpkin!  He didn't mind a bit!

2nd soccer game

Leland did much better at his second soccer game...we loved that it was warmer!

5k pumpkin carving

I volunteered to help Leland and his friends carve pumpkins at school!  His little friends were so sweet!

Caramel apples

Morning toons!

Sleeping Angel!

I could watch my babies sleep all day long!  I especially stare at Landry because I know he's the last sleeping angel I will have until Grandbabies.  He's growing way to fast!  He is absolutely the sweetest little soul!

Leland's Party part 2

Leland had a great party full of friends and family.  It was complete with cake, campfire dinner, s'mores, and a hayride!

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