Thursday, June 21, 2012

Week 2 of Summer School

Week 2 of Summer School: June 19 and 21, 2012
Color of the week: Orange
Bible Verse: "God cares for you." 1 peter 5:7
Bible Story: Daniel and the lion's den Daniel 6:1-28

Leland had a good week in school this week.  He participated in all the art projects and they said he had a great day both days.  Dropping off was HORRIBLE both days.  He started crying while getting dressed each day, proceeded to cry all the way to school, and screamed bloody murder when the teacher closed the classroom door (half door where you can see over).  It honestly broke my heart.  This morning was the worst, as I had to hold back the tears as I was grocery shopping alone in Wal-mart.  No doubt the hormones made things worse, but still, it was horrible.  I know he is in good hands and that he has fun, but I am praying that he stops the crying very soon!

Leland was playing with blocks and carrying on a conversation with one of his teachers when I arrived to pick him up.  I watched for about 5 minutes and then motioned that I was ready to get him.  He started screaming as soon as he saw me, but was fine after I took him to the potty and gave both teachers a hug bye. 

Here's to hoping next week goes A LOT smoother!!
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Monday, June 18, 2012

7m Laken Update and Leland Starts School!

We had a very busy week in between our 2 beach trips.  Leland and I lounged around for a day or two after we returned from Orange Beach because we were both exhausted.  I worked on orders over the weekend and had 26 packages ready to ship the day before Jason and I left to go to Panama City. 

Bright and early last Monday morning I had my 7 month baby appointment/glucose test.  Plans changed and I wound up dragging Leland with me to the Doctor's office along with several errands including going to the Health Department for a new Birth Certificate.  It poured rain the whole day, but thankfully he was a great little tag along.  We treated ourselves to Panera for breakfast right after the Doctor because we were both starving!

I passed my glucose test this time, which was very odd to me because I had to go back and do the 3 hour with Leland.  This is just another difference in the 2 pregnancy's that are night and day different already!  Baby Laken is measuring perfect and I have still gained very little weight.  I just started my 7th month of pregnancy, which also marks the beginning of the 3rd trimester.  It is hard to believe that in less than 90 days our new little guy will be here!  I am sure I will start showing a lot more in the next few weeks, but for now, it definitely depends on what I am wearing as to how pregnant I look.  I go back in July for the 4d ultrasound and my Rogam shot.  I will more than likely start going every 2 weeks after the next appointment, which is really going to make time fly by even faster.

Week One of Summer School: June 12 (he was out 1 day b/c of beach)
Color of the week: red
Bible Verse: "Every word of God prooves true." Proverbs 30:50
Bible Story: Moses and the burning bush.  Exodus 3:1-4:17

Leland started school last Tuesday.  His teachers were really sweet and he even hugged one of them before he left (a miracle in itself!).  Miss Sara said that he was kind of standoffish, but he was good.  He is the only child in his class that hasn't been to school before/in a while, so that explains a lot.  He is a lot like me as well in that he is an observer.  He observes everything before he opens up to it, so I am sure that once he goes back this week, he will enjoy it a lot more. 

I have tons of orders waiting on my to complete this week and next, but for today, Leland and I haven't left the couch!  He had a blast at his GiGi and Pap's, but you can tell he is totally worn out!
27 weeks Pregnant: Beginning of 3rd Trimester, less than 90 days to go!
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Panama City Beach June 2012

Jason and I left Leland with GiGi and Pap while we went to Panama City Beach over Father's Day weekend.  We had a lot of fun relaxing with 3 of our best friends.  It was a much needed adult trip, but it was weird being on vacation without Leland!

The water was SO clear, even though there was brown stuff on the beach.  We were able to get into the ocean to cool off, so we stayed at the beach almost the entire time.

We ate at some amazing places.  Our good friend from College lives in PC now, so he recommended places to us.  We like to try new stuff when we go to the beach unless we know somewhere that was really good the last time.  Thursday, I woke everyone up around 4:30am and we were on the road by 5am.  We were at the Starbucks on 280 right when they opened at 5:30 (everyone joked that I made them leave before Starbucks was open because the one by our house was closed when we went by).  By 1pm, we had eaten lunch, checked into our room, and were on the beach, so no one was complaining about the early leaving time at that point.  The weather was beautiful and we were able to sit out on the beach all afternoon.  We went in around 5:30, just in time for a huge black cloud to form and a monsoon to start outside.  We looked at radar and the rain was there to stay through the night, so we took a friends advice and went to The Boat Yard, where they had valet parking! 

The food and scenery were amazing!  It is right on the water with boats all around, but the restaurant is decorated very cute as well.  The Boat Yard will definitely be on our go to list for next time!

We were going to go back to Boon Dock's (another amazing seafood place), but the wait was 2 hours long, so we settled for Sharky's (mind you it was almost 9pm by this point).  The food was actually a lot better than it has been in the past, but we mainly went because they had a band out on the beach patio.

Our last day on the beach was the prettiest one, but HOT!  We went in early around 4 to start getting ready and made it over to Bayou on the Beach for another great meal.  We also checked out Tootsies that night.  It is an all country bar/restaurant (don't worry, it was totally non smoking!).  We arrived and got a table right by the dance floor.  The band was SO good and the line dancers were fun to watch.  We had a great time and made a few friends.

In all my years of being at the beach, I have never had a shark scare and watched people panic as they got out of the water.  Fortunately, none of us were in the water at the time, but the people right down from us started hollering for people to get out of the water.  There was a 3 to 4 ft shark swimming very close to the shore and right in front of us.  No one was injured and he swam away, but that was really too close for comfort!  We got back in the water, but were very mindful of our surroundings and thankfully you could see all around you with the clear water.
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Thursday, June 7, 2012

More Phone Pics

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Phone Pics

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