Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lily Grace and Robert Lane Riley

2 precious angels were born yesterday afternoon at 5:13pm, Lily first and Lane 30 seconds later! They are so precious and pefectly healthy weighing 6lb and 6lb 2oz.

Lily Grace looks more like her big Sister, which looks JUST like her Daddy!

Lane looks just like his big Brother, which looks a lot like his Mommy, so it appears that they got one of each!

Big Brother and big Sister love the babies already!

Playing in the water at the Zoo...

Feeding the birds at the Zoo...

Jason was a little nervous at first!

As soon as I walked out the door with the nectur, 4 birds flew to my arm!

Grandma and Pa Paw came in town to go to the Zoo with us on Sunday. We stopped in to feed the birds, and as you can see, they were very friendly!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Camera Hog!

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Eating Cereal!

Leland has a new favorite breakfast food...cereal with milk! He is doing great eating it by himself and not making too big of a mess.

Little ham!
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Leland is slightly obsessed with "driving" my car! He will sit in the driver seat and pretend to drive as long as you leave him there. When we are getting ready to go somewhere, he gets my keys and runs to the door saying, "DRIVE"! I respond with ask Mommy in 14 years!

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

2 Year Check-Up!

Leland went to the doctor for his 2 year check-up. It was his lucky day, as he didn't have to have any shots or blood work!

He weighed 29.6lbs and was 34 3/8 inches tall. He is average in weight and above average in height.

Dr. Bill said he was just perfect in all of his skills including stacking toys, feeding himself with a fork or spoon, talking, picking out objects in a book, etc.

He is a growing little boy and we love him to pieces!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Twins Baby Shower!

Last Sunday we went to my cousins baby shower. They are having 2 sweet babies any time now! We are so excited for Lily Grace and Lane to get here!

Riley cousins. Look at Brayden sitting in front of Leland with the white shirt on. Do you see a resemblance?! They could pass as twins! Apparently they are the only 2 that got the Allen side of the family in them, the rest of us got pure Riley genes!

Leland LOVED being on the farm and mooing at all the cows!

Megan decided on a John Deere tractor theme in pink and green for the twins nursery. I did these gowns for them to wear home. I can't wait to hold those sweet babies!
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