Friday, October 5, 2012


Laken Morgan was born weighing 7.5lbs.  By the time we left the hospital he was 6.14, and at 4 days old, he was 6.10.

At 2 weeks old, we had a check-up at the Pediatrician.  Laken had gained to 7lbs. 

At his 3 week check-up, Laken was up to an even 8lbs. 

It is SO hard to believe that this little guy is already a MONTH old!!  Time is FLYING by with the 2nd child!  He is such a good baby and only cries when he is hungry.  We are having to deal with a bad case of baby acne/excema and are trying to rule out that he has a milk allergy. 

I am still nursing, however, just like with Leland, I am having major issues with my supply and am taking meds to try to increase it.  When I have to supplement, I do with an organic formula.  After swapping to the organic formula instead of regular, his face seems to be clearing a little faster.    Breast feeding is the hardest thing ever and it is very frustrating trying to make it work!  I'm not giving up yet, but until you have had problems with milk supply, you have no idea how much hard work it is!

I just love his sweet face!  He has a big dimple like his Mommy and several others from the Blackman side of the family (all the same cheek).  He looks different hourly!  It depends on what he is wearing or how he looks at you.  He definitely has the Riley eyes, but only time will tell what he will look like.  Sometimes he has a lot of Rooks in him and others he looks a lot like the Riley's.  In the above picture, he looks a lot like his Great Grandaddy Rooks!

Leland is still doing well with the new baby.  I have to watch him because he tries to "help" a little too much at times by shoving a paci in Laken's mouth or trying to pick him up (heart attack!!). 

I would guess that Laken is around 9lbs give or take.  He has a healthy appetite, wakes every 3-4 hours to eat, is trying to smile, very alert, hates the swing to move, but will lay in it to sleep, doesn't care for the bouncy seat or the regular bobby pillow.  We have a newborn lounger boppy pillow that he LOVES!  He is not happy unless he is wrapped up tight or being held.

I have a feeling he is going to be a live wire when he starts waking up more.  He is also a very determined little boy!  He is strong and holding his head up well.  I have a feeling he will be rolling over, crawling, walking, A LOT sooner that Leland did!!
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