Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Feast!

We finally hosted family at our house for a Holiday dinner! Jason's family drove in from GA Christmas day. Papaw and Jason smoked some very delicious chicken and I fixed several sides. We were all stuffed after lunch, but saved room for yummy deserts!

Leland has been scoping out boots in any store we go to for a while now. He got these very cute rubber boots from Grandma and Papaw. At first he didn't know how to walk in them, but he learned quick and has been riding his tractor outside the past few days.... Wearing boots of course!

We had a great time spending the day with our family. That's what Christmas is really about...getting together with the ones you love to celebrate Jesus' Birthday and enjoy each others company!
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Santa came to visit....

Santa was good to Leland this year! We asked Santa to help out the Grandparents so that Leland could just get one big gift this year. Let's face it, no one needs anything, ESPECIALLY a house full of toys! Santa and Grandma and Papaw got the tracks to go with the table Leland got from GiGi and Pap. Next year, we are sticking to our plans and doing zero presents for ourselves and helping others instead. People have blown Christmas way out of proportion and completely forgotten the true meaning of the Season!

This picture captures Christmas morning perfectly! Leland was so excited about his new trains!

Jason has been begging me to monogram him something, so I surprised him with a new weekend bag! I am always so busy monograming for others that I don't do a lot for us!

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

Our snowman card holder was quickly filled with cards this year!

Santa came to visit!

And the stockings were filled with goodies!

Santa brought the Chuggington train set. It is SO much fun! All the trains talk to one another and interact with all the stops on the track just like the Disney cartoon.

PRICELESS look on my baby boys face when he woke up Christmas morning! (he is saying, "CHOO CHOO"!! This is all the present I need, seeing him so excited to have a real choo choo track in his living room!
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Cookies for Santa!

Recently, Leland has become very interested in helping cook! He drags his little chair over to the counter anytime I cook. He loved helping me make cookies for Santa and was all about tasting the batter and putting sprinkles on!!

He left some milk and cookies for Santa in his room before we read some Christmas books and it was off to bed....only he would NOT go to sleep! Jason and I did not get in bed until close to 1 after putting train tracks together!
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