Sunday, November 10, 2013

Digging into the Birthday cake...

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Photo Session with Amber Ford Photography

Just as we did for Leland's first Birthday, we met up with our wedding photographer Amber Ford at the Botanical Gardens.  She did an amazing job as usual.  Here are a few of our favorites....she took about 250 shots and we got over 100 proofs back on our cd!  It was SO hard to narrow it down to make prints!

This is my absolute favorite picture of the boys!

I love these of Laken and I.  I have a few very sweet Mommy and Leland pictures from when he was a baby, so I was very happy she was able to capture this moment for me!

The above picture sums up Laken to a t!!  He is a billy goat!  The child will eat anything in his path and puts EVERYTHING in his mouth!

At first, Laken wasn't too sure about the whole cake thing.  I was shocked, as the child will eat anything you put in front of him.  I think it was mostly because we all were hot and tired by this point, an hour into the session!

The Funky Muffin Gluten Free Bakery on 280 did a wonderful job matching the fabric samples I sent to match his big cake for the party.  Laken is our allergy child..severe peanut (we have to carry an epi pen), milk, wheat, and soy.  Thankfully he isn't as bad in the wheat, milk, and soy department.  He can eat food containing these ingredients on rare occasion, but he cannot drink regular milk.  He is still on formula to get his vitamins, but we supplement with Rice milk to try to keep cost down a little bit.
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Finally an update....

So it's been nearly a year since I last posted.  I hate that I haven't kept the blog up to date with all of Laken's stats like I did with Leland.  I assure you I have taken plenty of pictures, I just simply don't have time to blog.  I will be doing a lot of updating to get the pics from over the past year posted so that I can have another book printed for Laken to know all about his first year and years to come!

I suppose the biggest change over the past almost year is the fact that we will be adding another baby boy, Landry Myer, to our family!  He was a TOTAL surprise child, but meant to be none the less and we are thankful for our blessing!  He is due to arrive in 90 days or less, due date Feb 8, 2014.  I am guessing that he will arrive mid to end of January, as I had Laken at 38 weeks. 

This pregnancy has been very different than the previous 2.  One reason being I have 2 little boys to chase around, on top of a business to run, on top of life, etc.  I've had several issues with this pregnancy, but am chugging on along and taking it one day at a time! 
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