Thursday, June 18, 2009

35 Weeks!

I had my check-up at the doctor this afternoon. I was very happy not to be admitted the 3rd week in a row. Leland's heart rate was perfect at 130 and he is weighing in around 5 1/2 lbs. I am measuring perfect at 35 to 36 weeks. I am having a lot of contractions these days and a good bit of pain. I was told how many were acceptable to have without having to call the doctor and when I should call. It always makes me feel better knowing when I should or shouldn't call! There are so many random things that go on with a pregnant ladies body. I don't want to call about every little thing, but being a first time mommy makes it hard to know what to call about and what is normal!

The doctor did reduce my hours that I sit at work. I am now working from 8-2 every day. He wanted me to recline and relax as much as possible, but so far this week I have done craft projects and had a doctor's appointment. Tomorrow is going to be my day to come home and take a nice long nap and relax for the weekend!

On another good note, our good friend Danielle found out that she is not completely in remission after all of her chemo and bone marrow transplant, but there is only minimal activity with the cancer. She has to meet with her Oncologist to discuss the pro's and con's of radiation and what her method of treatment at this point shall be. Not fantastic news, but much better than the cancer is still all over! We will take any good news she gets and help her through these tough times to become stronger and live her life to the fullest. We still pray that she will start living a normal life and have many great years ahead of her even if she does have a trace of cancer left!!

Happy Father's Day to all of the dads/grandads in our family! We hope you have a day full of relaxation and doing whatever you want to!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Project Continued....

My coordinator loved Leland's hospital door board so much that I made her one today. She is due any day now with her baby boy Christian William Doll. It matches his nursery and I can't wait for her to see it and meet little Christian!

Latest Project!

I wanted something besides a plain blue bow for the door of the hospital. I have tossed around ideas for months, but nothing really stood out. A friend of mine recently had her baby boy and she had a door hanger similar to the one I made. I think it turned out great!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

34 Weeks!

I am now 34 weeks pregnant and went this morning for a check-up. I was having my normal pains and issues that accompany my pregnancy, but was not expecting to be admitted for monitoring the 2nd week in a row. The nurse always checks Leland's heartbeat first thing and it was 188. The doctor was concerned and wanted to check it again after I sat still for a few minutes. On the second check it was 192. (Supposed to be anywhere from 110-160 and he is usually between 120-150.) Needless to say, I didn't have time to ask the doctor any of my questions that I had prepared this week such as: how big is he? Do you think I will make it to 40 weeks or have him before? etc. I was sent straight downstairs to be admitted to triage once again for a non-stress test to make sure the baby was not in distress with his heart rate so high.

I was on the monitors for a good 2 1/2 hours and his heart rate was all over the place, but his base line made it back down to 145, which is normal. I was assured that everything was OK and that I just need to make sure I take it easy for the next few weeks.

I will be full term on July 2nd, and based on the amount of pressure I am having in my lower back, tailbone, and abdomen and the fact that his head is just about as low as it can go, I will be shocked if I make it much past the full term date.

Jason and I wanted to make it to the lake one more time before the baby gets here, but I don't think I will be going outside of Birmingham because I am already having an increased amount of contractions, not in a pattern, but very uncomfortable!

Not much longer and Leland will be here! I have his bag packed, but I have to get my bag and Jason's bag ready this weekend. I will also get the car seat installed soon to make sure we are ready just in case!

I have had a rough pregnancy, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I am blessed to have gotten pregnant and to be carrying a healthy baby. Outside of my issues, he has checked out great every visit, so that is wonderful!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Couple's Baby Shower!!!

Thank you SO much Gina and Ashley for hosting our couple's baby shower on Saturday. You two did a great job with decorating!! We had a blast getting together with good friends and family to shower baby Leland with so many gifts!

Our guest placed funny messages on diapers for Jason and I to use for the middle of the night changes to keep the humor flowing when we are so tired!!

Gina made the cutest diaper cakes!!

Of course everything was monkey themed to match Leland's nursery!
Jason and I with the two hostess Gina and Ashley
Pap Pap, Gi Gi, Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, and Grandpa
33 Weeks Pregnant!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Cake Lady!!

I may have found myself a new hobby! I have always liked to cook, but not necessarily bake. I have always been able to make sheet cakes no problem out of a box, but never really ventured out to make layer cakes. I made my first one for our good friend Danielle’s birthday back in December. It was a 3 layer strawberry cake with pink butter cream icing homemade!! It turned out so good and everyone was impressed!

I have a friend at work that is now my assistant. I have gotten really close to her because we are both pregnant and she is only 3 weeks ahead of me. Today we are throwing her work baby shower. I made a vanilla cake with butter cream icing (her favorite!) and died it blue for her sweet baby boy Christian!

Word to the wise when cake baking…..

When you complete your cake (icing and all), make sure you have a good grip on it when you transport to the refrigerator! Needless to say, I got good practice last night. I had to make 2 cakes because the first one landed in the floor and was not able to be saved!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We Graduated!!

Jason and I graduated our parenting class last night. Last nights class was the most informative! We had baby dolls to practice with. Jason learned to change a diaper and we were taught how to swaddle! We also learned lots of great breastfeeding information, bathing information, and good information to care for little boys in general. The classes were long and the chairs were very uncomfortable, but I am really glad we went!

I also went for my check-up yesterday afternoon. Leland is still measuring right on time for a July 24th due date. With that being said, he did inform me that I will be full term the week of 4th of July (37 weeks). So, if I go into labor anytime between 37 weeks and the end, he will not stop labor, he will let me deliver!

I am really on guard that something can happen any time, any place from here on out! My good friend at work went into labor at work last Friday at 35 weeks. So far, I have not had any contractions, so I think we are good for Leland to stay put for a few more weeks! I can not believe that we will have a baby sometime within the next 4 to 7 weeks!!!

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