Tuesday, June 29, 2010

St. Joseph

Our house is now officially on the market! We have been thinking of putting it up for a while now, but after talking with our mortgage and real estate ladies, we have learned that now is a very good time to buy.

We are not sure what part of Birmingham we would like to move, but we do know that we would like to be out of Jefferson County and in a good school district. I would like at least a 4 bedroom with more yard and all Jason cares about is a 2 car garage!

After several friends found out we were selling, they told me that we needed a St. Joseph. I had no idea what they were talking about, but after learning, I bought a $5 one off of the internet and it arrived yesterday! We know several people that it has worked for, so we are praying for a quick sale on our house as well!

I thought it was rather humerous that as Jason was digging in our very hard and rocky front yard, it started to pour rain. I told Jason that St. Joseph was trying to make the ground softer and easier for him to be burried!! HA!

Lazy GA weekend....

We enjoyed a very lazy weekend in Newnan. Leland was in Heaven in his float in the big pool. He almost fell asleep in the float! Grandpa smoked some of the best Boston Butt I have ever had. It was definitely a much needed relaxing weekend!

Leland meets Granny Sewell!

We finally had a chance to take Leland to meet his Great Granny Sewell over the weekend. I think she really enjoyed his visit! She is almost 90 and lives in a nursing home, so unfortunately, we don't get to see her ver often! We are looking forward to wishing her a Happy 90th Birthday in November!!

Girls Night Out!

I finally had a girls night out with two of my best friends! We went to see Carrie Underwood and Craig Morgan at the BJCC. They were both FANTASTIC!! Carrie's voice is so amazing in person!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pizza, Pizza!

Leland and I sat in the living room and watched TV while we ate our pizza for dinner. Don't worry, he had vegtables before his pizza!

**If it does not play the first time, press play again. If it is slow, press play again and it should play correctly the 2nd time!**

Friday, June 11, 2010

Changing World!

If you look closly, you will see a 4th tooth coming in on the top. Although he is not as ill as when 3 were coming in at once, he is still rather cranky!

**Press PLAY. If it doesn't play the first time, press PLAY again and it should work. If it is really slow the first time, watch it again and it should play quickly!**

It's official! Leland is finally crawling, everywhere! Jason and I's world has just changed, dramatically! Our house is small, so that is not really a good thing with a crawler! It is hard for me to even walk to the kitchen without him going over to the TV cabinet and trying to get into the doors!

This also makes it very interesting for me to get work done for all the orders I have now. I have been working while he sleeps at nap time and after he goes to bed at night.

The baby pool worked very well to contain Leland at the lake, so we bought one for the house. I'm not sure how quickly he will figure out that he can crawl out of it, but it does have pretty tall sides, and I'm hoping it will work for a while :)!!

You can definitely tell that Leland soaks up anything you will teach him. Thanks to his GiGi, he now knows how to open and close cabinets, doors, etc. He does know the difference between open and close and will usually do the right one on command. He also pushes the horn on his push car when we say, "beep beep", and he knows how to turn on his train and music box!

Leland is still a very mellow child. I can take him anywhere, anytime of day and not worry about him fussing. The only time he gets ill is if he is tired or hungry. As long as you either put him to bed or feed him in a timely manner, he is good to go!

He is also obsessed with his blue blankie. It goes EVERYWHERE we do! He has always been a good car rider, but I don't care if we are getting into a hot car, he wants his blankie! He is so obsessed that I bought a second one as a back-up because I wash it every couple of days. Instead of a paci, he puts his blankie in his mouth to go to sleep. I have no complaints in that department! I would rather a blankie over a paci any day now that he has teeth!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend!

We had a great 4 day weekend at the lake for Memorial Day! It was a great, relaxing vacation that actually went by slow, which is a good thing! Leland did very well. He stayed on the dock with us the majority of every day. We put his pack-n-play on the pontoon boat, so he played and napped there. He also was in heaven with a baby pool on the dock. He LOVES being in the water! He also loved "driving" the boat!

We had some close friends down and it is always great to spend time with them!

The baby pool doubled as a play pen for the living room!

Taking a bath in the sink!

Rocking on the porch!

Passed out!

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