Sunday, February 22, 2009

I've been busy!!!

As you can see, I did a few arts and crafts today! I made each of these by hand including the letters... no stencile! They add the perfect touch to the nursery.
Yesterday I decided to go ahead and paint. Those of you that have seen this room before know that it is COMPLETELY different now!! We still have to get the chair and ottoman recovered, but at least we picked out the fabric! Here are some pictures of how things are coming along....

Friday, February 20, 2009

It's a BOY!!!

We went to the doctor today for our big ultrasound that shows all of the babies organs and how they are progressing. It was a lot of fun spending the afternoon with Grandma and GiGi and seeing how much our little one is growing!

Our little boy was not very cooperative during the scan. The nurse had to jiggle him around several times to get good pictures. We did get one good one showing that it is in fact a BOY! We have decided on the name Leland Matthew Rooks and will call him Leland. The doctor said that everything looks great, and we are still on schedule for a July 24th due date.
Before the ultrasound, GiGi brought a surprise for Jason and I (well more for our other child, Tisyn!). We now have a cute little baby doll that makes all the baby noises. Why a baby doll you ask? Well we have been told that the best way to introduce a new baby to a very spoiled dog is to get a baby doll.

Now that we know which colors are appropriate for the nursery, it is coming right along! Here are some pictures of the super cute crib set!

Now all we like is some paint on the walls and putting new upholstery on an old chair and ottoman!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Nursery Cont'd....

We went to Georgia this past weekend to visit Jason's family. While there, we went to downtown Atlanta on Saturday to experience Ikea. This store is awesome! They have anything and everything you could possibly want to decorate the inside of a home. While there, we picked up piece #2 for the nusery....
Here is the dresser/changer table (minus the changing pad)!

We figured since we bought a convertible crib, we would opt for a piece of furniture that would last as long as the bed instead of the traditional changing table.
After Ikea, we had the best lunch at the famous Varsity. It was WELL worth the drive!
On another note, a few weeks ago, Jason installed a class door on the front of the house. We love it, but I think someone enojoys looking out more than we do....

I imagine this week will go by slow as we anticipate the big reveal of girl or boy on Friday!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nursery in Progress!!!

I got a call today stating that the crib we ordered for Baby Rooks was finally available for pick-up! Of course you naturally start praying that it is the right one and that it is not too complicated to put together.....

I am happy to announce that it is the exact crib we wanted AND it was very easy to put together!

Here are some pictures of the finished product......

We love it! It makes having a baby so much more real when you put a crib in your home! Our child will get many years of use out of this convertible crib! We can't wait to find out if we are having a boy or girl in just another week. The painting and crib decor will have to wait until then!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Please take time to pray for my best friend Danielle Castle as she is going through the final stages preparing for her bone marrow transplant to hopefully end her battle with cancer. She has had such a long fight and it is now up to God! We love you Danielle!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

This is the most precious video clip!!! We can only hope that our Boxer Tisyn is as sweet to our baby as this one is!

Monday, February 2, 2009

4 Month Baby Rooks Check-Up!

Today we went to our new doctor. I am very pleased with our decision to change! Everything is fine with me and baby. I am still getting really sick quite often, but hopefully not too much longer and I will be able to enjoy the pregnancy and actually start showing instead of loosing weight.

We heard the heart beat again today, and it is down from the normal high 160's range. It was down to 147 today. This news threw a big halt to me thinking it was a girl because of the heartbeat being so high. They say if it is above 140 it is a girl, and below is a boy. However, now even though my gut says girl, I am starting to wonder if it is a boy??

Good news, we don't have to wait long to find the answer to this mysterious question. We go back February 20th for the big ultrasound that shows all of the babies organs including the sex. Grandma will be joining GiGi, Jason, and I from Georgia to witness the big ultra sound and the even bigger news of is it a boy or girl??

Stay tuned to find out if we will be stocking up on lots of pink dresses and bows or lots of blue and green all boy stuff!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Caught up!

I think I have hit all the high points since we got married back in March. Our first year of marriage is flying by and the pregnancy is going by pretty fast too! We can't wait to find out if it is a boy or girl so we can start decorating the nursery!!

Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Birthday Jennifer, and SURPRISE!!!

I have always been a Thanksgiving baby and this year my birthday fell on turkey day. Jason surprised me with a surprise party at our house the Saturday before. All of my friends and family came from all over to help me celebrate. We had lots of fun!

Well needless to say, that was the last of my partying stage! We found out the very next day that we were expecting our first!

Baby Rooks is due July 24, 2009!!

I am now 16 weeks pregnant. I have been very sick the entire time! Other than me being miserable the majority of the time not knowing if I am going to be sick or not, the baby is doing great. Hopefully as everyone keeps telling me, the good pregnancy days are just around the corner! We go back for a check-up tomorrow and will find out what we are having the last week of February!! Any guesses?

Race for the Cure!

A group of friends and I decided that we would participate in the Race for the Cure in Birmingham this year. For those who don't know, it is a 5k run/walk in memory and celebration of those that have breast cancer. This was special for me as I ran in memory of my Ninny and in celebration of my aunt Cissy that won her battle with breast cancer.

Happy Halloween!

Project Fence!!

Now that we have a house, Jason is always finding some project that needs to be done. Number one on our list was putting a privacy fence in the backyard for us to enjoy, but most importantly for Tisyn to enjoy! After 3 long days and nights, the finished product is perfect! Thanks to all of our helpers!

It was VERY cold the weekend we decided to put up the fence. Our spoiled dog loves the new fence, only if you put his jacket on and bed down for him to lay outside!

When the project was finally done, Jason enjoyed sitting by the fire in our now private backyard!

Our First House!

Ok so it has taken me a month to finnish updating to present day. Continuing on, we bought our first house back in May. Being a homeowner is great, and I think that Jason and I both agree that we will NEVER be renters again!! It is the perfect starter home in Trussville, AL. We figure the 3 bedrooms will last a good few years until we decide to upgrade to something a little larger with a little more land!

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