Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Who's the good sport now???

Everyone knows that Jason is a die hard Georgia Bulldog fan and I am a die hard Auburn Tiger fan. Everyone ask who Leland is going to pull for. The answer......we have equal amounts of Auburn and Georgia stuff for him to wear. I did however, have a bib monogramed that was a gift....
And his diaper bag happens to be Georgia colors....
But thats OK. His mommy is a good sport. His daddy can dress him in as much GA stuff as he likes, but like it or not, he is an Auburn Tiger at heart!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And the count down begins!

We only have about 60 days to go, give or take a few, before we meet our baby boy! We went to the doctor on Monday for my 8 month check-up. We started the visit with the 4D ultrasound. Leland was very stubborn and we could not get good pictures of him. He is head down (in my bladder!!) and feet in my ribs on the right side. He will be taking after his mommy's side of the family with big feet for sure! We were able to get a good look at his feet, heart, and some good head shots in 2D, but he likes to snuggle up against the front of my belly, so his face was very distorted. The tech was very nice and gave us our money back for the unsuccessful 4D and gave us about 20 regular ultrasound pictures. I was happy. I mainly wanted another ultrasound to confirm that it is indeed a boy, which it is and to make sure that he is growing properly since I still appear to not be very far along if you look at my belly.

I am super excited that I haven't gained a ton of weight during this pregnancy. I lost around 15 pounds in the beginning (first 20 weeks) and I have only gained 13 back, so I am still even. Everyone tells me the most growth is in the last two months, so maybe I shouldn't talk to soon!! Leland is perfect in length and weight and is taking up every inch of my belly. The doctor said everything is great with the baby and he has a very strong heart beat.

I also had to get an antibody screen and a Rogham shot because I am a negative blood type. My visits are now every two weeks and we will have a baby before we know it! This pregnancy is going by SO fast!

I appologize for not posting any ultrasound pictures, but there are really no clear ones on paper. We did get a good DVD of the entire thing including the attempted 4D.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Good Sport!

We had our 2nd parenting class last night. We learned all about pain management during the delivery. It was an interesting class. I will for sure be receiving an epidural! The nurse also taught the guys several massage tricks that will help take moms mind of the pain. The highlight of the night was the empathy belly! I did find humor in seeing Jason put on a 26lb. pregnant belly suit! Even though he hasn’t had to go through the pains and sickness that I have had the past 7 ½ months, he got a little taste of what it feels like to carry 26lbs in front of you!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day/Mommy-to-be Day 2009!!

I had a fantastic Mommy-to-be day yesterday! We spent the weekend in GA with family at the hospital in Atlanta where our grandmother had surgery on her heart. Everything is going great and she is on the road to a good recovery, it will just take some time. We came home Saturday afternoon and I had the whole afternoon to do absolutely nothing! It was great! We spent Mother’s Day with my mom and Larry at Michael’s Steakhouse for lunch and a little shopping at the Galleria. I’m glad we got to spend time with both mom’s and Imo for Mother’s Day!

I was surprised to receive several cards and messages from friends telling me Happy Mother’s Day or Mommy-to-be day. It was very sweet, but I suppose I did not realize that ladies that are pregnant on Mother’s Day are recognized! Thanks for the cards and messages. They made my day!

My sweet husband got me a potted plant of beautiful yellow tulips from Leland and Tisyn as well. I also received a new paint job on my toenails from Jason himself! Yep that’s right, Jason painted my toenails that I can no longer reach because I have a child shoved in my ribs and it hurts to bend over! He did a great job, and I am pretty sure we could get him a part-time job at the nail salon! Everyone knows he would entertain the ladies as they had their toes painted!

Thanks a lot Jason!! I love you!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hard Working Man!!

Jason spent a whole weekend staining our fence in the back yard. It looks great! Thanks for all your hard work in close to 90 degree temps!


All done!!

Baby Shower!

We had a great baby shower in Newnan this past weekend thrown by great family friends. We got lots of great stuff including a bobby pillow, bath stuff, convertible car seat, stroller, infant car seat, and plenty more! Thanks to everyone for all the great gifts! They will all be put to good use!
The food was incredible! Thanks Linda for making all of the yummy snacks! Renee hand made the fruit center piece. It was beautiful!!

You know Jason had to stick around to help open presents!
Daddy already has lots of fun things to put together for baby Leland!
The only bad part about getting all of this baby stuff is I am officially ready for Leland to be here NOW to use all of it!

Busy, Busy!!!

It seems as though our lives are speeding up instead of slowing down. Everyone tells you while you are in high school and college to slow down and enjoy the moment because the days will fly by when you get into the real world. That is SO true! Jason and I are busier than ever balancing work, weddings, showers for us and others, keeping the house put together, and making time to spend with family. This pregnancy has not been a slow process either. It seems like yesterday we found out we were going to be parents! I am now 29 weeks and Leland will be here before we know it.

We started our prenatal parenting class last night. It will be a 4 week class on Monday nights at St. Vincent’s where we will deliver. It was a very interesting night. I had to introduce Jason and myself because he received a phone call from the alarm company due to the fact that Tisyn would not allow our neighbor (whom he knows very well) let him out! Tisyn is not a mean dog by any means, but he is extremely protective and even more so now that I am pregnant. Everyone has always said that animals can sense pregnancy and I know he does. He has to be under my feet wherever I go even in the middle of the night when I get up several times! He has been around several babies in his life time that I have baby sat, so I know he will be just fine when the baby gets here, but he was 100% sure that no one was getting into the house that wasn’t supposed to last night!

Jason and I learned the stages of the delivery last night. Both of us were worried about watching videos and all of that good stuff, but I think we did just fine and learned a lot. I feel more comfortable about having this baby now that I know when to go to the hospital, how to count contractions, and everything to expect through all of the stages. I will update after each class to let you know all the interesting things we are learning about being parents!

Over the weekend we had a baby shower in Newnan. We got lots of great stuff and I will post pictures later. We would like to ask everyone to pray for our grandmother (Imo Gene) that is in the hospital undergoing test and possible surgery on her heart. Everything is going to be fine, but the family just needs prayers at this time to help all of us stay strong for her!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Tisyn!!!

Tisyn turned 8 years old yesterday!! We hope we have many more years with the spoiled brat! He was treated to a petifore and some cheese straws left over from our shower on Saturday!

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